Family Preventive Dental Care is a general dental practice that stresses preventive dental health habits.


Our mission is to work with our patients to protect or improve their oral health.

This mission begins with the review of total health, oral health, and dental expectations of each patient.

Patient participation is an important part of our efforts to keep you, the patient healthy.

The type of treatment rendered at Family Preventive Dental Care is based upon our professional judgment and the best interest of our patient.

Like your family doctor, Family Preventive Dental Care wants to be your family dentist.


Ages 21 and above:
Dr. Wagner will review your medical history with you before we do a complete dental evaluation of your mouth, teeth, gums, and the bone supporting your teeth, including oral cancer screening. We will take two types of dental x-rays: bitewing and panoramic. The bitewing x-rays focus on the area between the teeth on the side of your mouth, the chewing teeth. The panoramic x-ray focuses on the area from the nose to chin and from ear to ear. This allows a panoramic view of the supporting bones of your jaw. You will understand the importance of this supporting bone as you watch our video on periodontal disease during this visit. After we evaluate your oral exam and xrays, we can recommend the best dental treatment plan for you. We will also offer ideas for home care. At the end of this first visit, we will schedule an appointment for either preventive care (a cleaning) and/or restorative treatment (a filling, etc) as discussed.

Ages 20 and below:
The hygienist will take x-rays, provide a prophylaxis (dental cleaning), and administer fluoride. Dr. Wagner will complete an exam which includes facial growth and development and orthodontic screening. He will review all x-rays to determine further treatment, if necessary.


Your participation with your dental treatment is an important part of our efforts to keep you healthy. One of the most important aspects of participation is keeping your appointments. Because of demands on our time, we do insist on 48-hour notice before canceling an appointment. Please see our missed appointment policy for further information.


Fees at Family Preventive Dental Care are based on the treatment plan selected, the time it takes me to provide you with the necessary dental care, and the overhead involved in my practice. I do not believe it is in either of our best interests for me to compromise my recommended treatment in order to accommodate an insurance program’s maximum benefits that may be considerably less than optimal. However, I am more than happy to discuss a treatment plan’s advantages and disadvantages with you thereby involving you, rather than your insurance company, in the decision-making process.

The type of treatment you need and receive from me is based upon my professional judgment and not on whether you are covered by a dental plan benefit.

If you are concerned about whether your insurance company will pay for a specific treatment, you should contact your insurance company for benefit information.

We do submit claims to most all insurance companies as a courtesy to our patients. Knowing your specific benefits is your responsibility.

Thank you,
Dr. Geoffrey W. Wagner, DDS


We will submit claims electronically to all insurance companies regardless of provider status.

We are PPO Providers for:

  • Northeast Delta Dental
  • Securian
  • Selected Blue Cross 300 plans

We are also associated with Care Credit. Please consult our staff for the Care Credit options available to you.

Patient billing is done once per month.

We accept credit card payments over the phone by calling our office at (207) 781-4625.

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