Institutional Effectiveness

Departmental Mission & Vision

The mission of the Department of Planning & Research is to provide assessment, research, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations for institutional decision making and holistic evaluation. The department aims to develop process systems and provide training, support, evidence-based reports for the college's internal and external constituencies and to align and integrate evaluation methods at all levels of the institution.

The vision of the Department of Planning & Research is to establish a culture of assessment and evidence-based decision making at all internal levels of the College and provide integrated systems to support this effort.

Core Functions

The department works toward facilitating the college to further summative evaluation and decision making based on quality, resources, efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Strategic Planning—Align and facilitate operational and annual planning with the strategic plan. Provide documentation of changes, process maps, and support to enable the college to achieve the goals of the strategic plan. 
  • Accreditation—Streamline compliance in terms of quality, resources, efficiency and effectiveness. Align strategic planning, program prioritization, operational planning, and assessment of student learning outcomes at the course, program, and institutional level to facilitate accreditation.
  • Institutional Research—Systematize accreditation, state and federal compliance reporting, and grants compliance reporting.
  • Institutional Assessment—Support a culture of ongoing learning outcomes assessment at the college, program, and course levels. Work with the Learning Outcomes Committee to develop assessment systems. Institutionalize the evaluation of student learning.
  • Business Intelligence—Provide systems, methodologies, analyses, conclusions, and recommendations based on quantitative and qualitative data with transparent access to theoretical constructs, operational definitions, limitations, reliability, validity, and assumptions.

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Fia Eliasson-Creek
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Yun Peng
Institutional Research Analyst

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Jacob Church
Data Analyst
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