Course Placement Options

沙巴体育官网地址While Green River College campuses have restricted access, all placement assessments may be taken remotely. 

You must have a Green River student ID number and a Green River College student email address to complete placement. If you have not yet applied to the college, please do so now at

Remote Placement Proctoring Options

Many courses require an assessment of a student's skill level in reading, writing and math to ensure students are prepared to successfully complete the course. Students' course placement will determine how they progress through their program of study. Appropriate placement is important as it impacts a student's progression through their program and alignment of their demonstrated skill set to promote academic success.

沙巴体育官网地址Your previous educational experience will help determine the options most likely to place you successfully. Identify yourself below and click on a placement method to learn more information.

Placed at Another WA Community or Technical College in the Last 2 Years

College Success Reading AssessmentWAMAP Math Entrance ExamTransfer of Scores / Placement Reciprocity

Contact Us

For questions on which placement method is best for you,
Career and Advising Center
Phone: 253-833-9111 ext. 2641

For questions on taking a placement assessment,
Assessment & Testing Center
Phone: 253-833-9111 ext. 2650


Speak with an advisor in the Career and Advising Center
Student Affairs & Success Center, 104

Requesting Placement Scores

Students who have already taken an assessment and need a copy of their placement scores for use at other institutions may request those to be emailed, faxed, mailed or picked-up in person at the Main Campus in Auburn. Please complete and submit the Placement Score Request form to request scores. Please be aware that placement scores are valid for two years. After two years, the scores will no longer give placement. 

Distance Proctoring

Students who reside outside of driving distance to the college may request distance proctoring for our three placement assessments. Students can choose to have the assessment(s) proctored at another higher education institution in their area or online through ProctorU. Distance proctoring has additional fees payable to the institution at which the test is proctored or to ProctorU. Please complete and submit the Distance Placement Proctoring Request form沙巴体育官网地址 to request this service. After your request is submitted, you must wait for the Assessment and Testing Center to send you an email confirming your request. Assessments taken without confirmation will not be honored.