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Student Clubs and Organizations

沙巴体育官网地址Clubs & Organizations are an important part of Student Life at Green River College. Whether you are looking to meet new people, share a common interest, plan campus events or volunteer, there is a club for you! Being involved with a Green River student group is a great way to connect with the Gator community and build relationships with fellow students, staff and faculty.

沙巴体育官网地址 There are over 30 clubs and organizations each year that focus a variety of topics and interest, including academics, multicultural issues, and social opportunities. Student clubs and organizations are open to all students, although few clubs have membership criteria.  Students who are interested in learning more about joining a club or starting a new club, should visit or contact the Student Life Office for more information.


Green River Clubs and Organizations are on-break for our Summer Quarter, but student groups will start up once again over the Fall Quarter – September 2019. Below is our list of clubs and organizations from the 2018-19 school year for reference. Please keep in mind that these student groups often change from year-to-year, and stay tuned to our page for updates on active student groups for the 2019-20 school year!

2019-2020 School Year Clubs and Organizations

GroupStudent LeaderEmailMeeting Time
Afghan Student Association Abdhul Ahmad  
African Student Association

Benis Moubi

Ana Appiah-Kubi 

Wednesdays, 12-1pm in ZC-105
Afterhour Matthew Ray Lee  
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Mele (Mel) Penttila  
Asian Student Union Sakinah Erawan  
Asiapedia Martin (Ryan) Kosasih Wednesdays, 3pm-4pm in SU-250
Association of Chinese Students Yangchenchen (Corrina) Ou Wednesdays, 3pm-4pm in RLC-101
Bachata Dance Club PeiChieh (Peggy) Chen  
Badminton Club Harris Wan  
Biology Club Chantal (Shawn) Fanticoba Fridays, 12-1pm in SC-243
Black Student Union Warren Bacote-Wilson Wednesdays, 12pm-2pm in SU-250
BoardMasters Robert (Rob) Hill M-F, 12pm-1pm Auburn Center rm 310
Book Club Raiymbek (Rae) Alibek Mondays, 2pm - 3pm in SU-250
Burmese Student Club Kyi Tha Nan Htike Wednesdays, 11am-12pm in Su-250
Car Club Zack Phillips  
Court Reporting Student Association Justin Choi 2nd Tues. of month, 11am-12pm SH-358
Criminal Justice Club Rebecca Dyer Tuesdays, 12pm - 1pm in SH-156
Cru at Green River College Aaron Adams Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm in CH-208
Environmental Club Heather Finch Tuesdays, 12pm - 1pm in SU-250
European Club Lisa Martinez Tuesdays, 4pm - 5pm in Su-250
Filipino American Student Association Mark Galacgas Fridays, 11am-12pm in Su-250
FISH Club Taeho Kim Fridays, 3pm - 4pm in SH-159
Forestry Club Kira Fenske Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm in CH-109
GRC Dance Studio Suzuha Nakadai Fridays, 3pm-5pm in SU RAC
Hong Kong Students Aid Committee Hui (Barry) Ching Hong  
Indonesian Student Organization Cathya (Rizka) Saputra Fridays, 3pm - 4pm in RLC-131
Japan Club Saya Nakano Mondays, 12-1pm in RLC-128
Latin-X Student Union David Amador Mondays, 11am-12pm in SU-250
Latter Day Saint Student Association Jason Brooks  
Music Club Guo Yu Tuesday 3-5pm, Friday 4-6pm in PA-125
Muslim Student Association Sumay Addish Thursdays, 12pm - 1pm in SU-250
Native American Student Organization Tehya LeeAnn Jackson Thursdays, 2pm-3pm in SU-250
Nursing Club James Lo  
Pacific Islander Student Union Tiara Fagafa Tuesdays, 2pm - 3pm in SU-250
Phi Theta Kappa Muhammad (Radi) Akbar Mondays, 12pm-1pm in SU-250
Queer & Allies Amanda Moore Fridays, 12pm-1pm in SU-250
Residential Housing Association Reinhard Han Kye Tio bimonthly Wed. 5-6pm - CCA Commons
Rotaract Club Michael Allen  Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm in ZC-105 
Sisterhood Sumaya Addish Wednesdays, 12pm - 1pm in SU-250
Society of Physics Students Trevan Kim Fridays, 11:15am-12:45pm - SC-117
Students  for Bernie Kai Ortiz-Sugimoto Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm in ZC-107
Students of Occupational Therapy Association Nicole (Nikki) Hawkins  
Synergy Business Club Cathya Rizki  
Teachers of Tomorrow Jonica Biedler  
Tech Club Logan Dieter Wednesdays, 12pm - 1pm in TC-116
Women in Technology Iman Bennour  Mondays, 12pm-1pm in TC-120
You Matter Doan (Delaney) Nugyen Thuc Le Thursdays, 3pm-4pm in SU-250

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