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沙巴体育官网地址Green River College hosts two radio stations on campus, 89.9 KGRG-FM and KGRG-1, which give students a unique opportunity to gain both on-the-air and behind the scenes experience in disc jockey work, audio production and news broadcasting.

KGRG alumni have established broadcasting careers in markets across the country.

Seattle radio personalities, who got their start at KGRG-FM, include Marty Reimer (KJR-FM), Charlie Harger (KOMO), Ian Reas & Kevin Diers (KISW’s Metal Shop), Candy Harper (KIRO-FM), Matt “Slickhawk” Mikolas (KJR-AM), Kimi Kline (KIRO-FM and Q13 TV), Curtis “C-Rog” Rogers (KIRO-AM), and Zach Jennings (KZOK-FM).

Around the U.S., KGRG alums include, Julie Pilat (Live Radio/Apple Music), David Styles (MY-FM/Los Angeles), Ryan “Big Daddy” Nelson (WFUS-FM/Tampa-St. Petersburg), Emily Maguire (KFMB-FM/San Diego) and Corey Olson (KBME/Houston).

沙巴体育官网地址Scores of other former KGRG students work behind the scenes in radio sales, programming, news, promotion, production, and engineering in Seattle and around the country.

Ways to Listen

Listen to KGRG-FM "Today's Rock"

  • Tune to 89.9 FM
  • Through the KGRG-FM App - free for iOS and Android
  • iHeartRadio College Radio Section

Listen to KGRG-1 "Classic Alternative"

  • Tune to 89.9 FM HD2 or 1330 AM
  • Through the KGRG-1 App - free for iOS and Android
  • iHeartRadio College Radio Section

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Studio/Request Line

Tom Evans Krause
Director of Broadcast Operations
Phone: 253-833-9111, ext. 2190

Mailing Address
12401 SE 320th Street
Auburn, WA 98092